Kokuto Shochu, or Black Sugar Shochu, is a Japanese distilled spirit. Unlike more conventional shochus made from barley or sweet potato, it is made from the brown sugar and molasses derived from sugar cane. It is almost exclusively made in Kagoshima Prefecture off the western coast of Japan. It's a fun novelty, like _ distilled from _. humans must have some innate fascination with brewing unlikely candidates together. prune wine is an enduring prison staple and jenkem was a short-lived whisper.

As I found later on, Kokuto shochus are not that different from more conventional barely and sweet potato shochus. They have that distinct stink, that lingering scent that passes through your nose that vodka and _ doesn't have. I'm not a fan, and I found that out when going through the bottle of _. What I got utterly starstruck in was aged variants. The difference is so stark that the two are like distant cousins, the tanned islander relative of getting shitfaced. A sugarcane-derived distilled spirit aged in wooden cask is rum. this is rum. Taste is subjective. I find whiskeys to be a mouthful of home improvement store, I half expect sawdust This fits into me so well it's like a perfect man-sized hole in a cliffface. sango 10 akebono 7 ブラック奄美 21 kikaijima 11 (´-`).。oO(あまみ。。。。

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Black Sugar Shochu