the poor man's HD800

how i drown out the fridge compressor

pioneer made some weird shit

my first foray into leather footwear

dressing like a waiter

old man shoes

*french noises*

i saw these on a fetish site

Great $30USD intro to mechanical watches

what are you, some kind of poser?

i'm a battery slave


the joys of aperture priority

my "first" film camera

A tiny 120 folder

How I approach timesinks

cosplay for days yall

my complicated relationship with remembering how it used to be

thinking about thinking

contextualizing release

contextualziing depression

Drifting apart

how to adult: a guide

intoxicating elixir

dissecting manlust

critiquing machiavellian fantasy

unpacking my childhood

who knew something so wholesome could be made somewhere so dreadful?

Chess but smutty

fuck the global economy

a roblox mod goes rabid on steam, emulating anything it touches.

July 8th, 2018

I really appreciate comments.

Is this even English?