• Olympus OM-2n so good it's quite boring Olympus OM-4T the t adds $50 Olympus 35SP the camera? maybe? no? Canon P dude way if we pe form buts Nikon F legitimacy and pragmatism Nikon F2 it's the little things Kodak Retina IIa it folds Petri Color 35 apogee of smol Olympus AF-10 Super having fun lo-fi cameras smear vaseline on my lens bro found film film that i found


  • Yashica Electro 35 GSN incongruence Konica C35 Flashmatic my first camera


    super ikonta 531 olympus om10 olympus af-1 olympus 35DC olympus 35RC olympus XA2 Nikon FM2 pentax SF-1n
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