• Lens mount: Leica Thread mount M39
  • Lens (kit): Canon 50mm f/1.4
  • Shutter: Steel foil focal plane, 1~1/1000 + B
  • Meter: None
  • Viewfinder: 1:1, Projected 35, 50, 100mm lines. Automatic parallax correction.
  • Coldshoe
  • Production: 1958~1961
  • Sold for 52,700 yen (1985), $? (2020)
  • Purchased for $220 (2020)

    History far and above my most boring review. cameras are boxes that selectively let in light. the canon p is the boxest box of them all, just look at it.

    Handling As its lineage comes from barnack leicas the controls had not changed in 40 years at the time of its release. Accordingly, describing my morning routine of pretending to wash my face and exhaling my morning breath away would be more interesting than going over them. The shutter speed dial is on top and goes spin. The advance lever is smooth. Perhaps not as much as an XD-11, but it beats the shit out of any OM-series camera. The film advance indicator is of questionable use to me. It spins regardless of whether it's loaded. Having a shutter lock is nice though, it seems camera manufactuers gradually lost this bondage prohensity. The P includes a secondary film back lock, an infinity lock on the lenses, and _. Too bad it doesn't have an F4-style shutter speed lock, because I fucking hate those things. This is a my second Canon P. The first was a $35 junk purchase that I hoped to get working again. Unfortuntely I couldn't access the slow speeds assembly so I was left with a camera that didn't shoot under 1/60 correctly. This camera came to me working, but a bit grotty. Even the rewind lever was a bit grimy. I partially disassembled the thing and lubed it with sewing machine oil.

    Performance The main dish for this camera is the Canon f/1.4 lens that I purchased it with. I thought smaller lenses didn't do the lines of the camera body justice, and the 1.4's bulging proportions really round it out nicely. I don't shoot at large apertures often, so it was definitely an unnecessary purchase. I don't like the infinity lock.


  • Canon P