• I didn't intend for this to become a fixation of mine but photobook scans are exceedingly rare, especially material of Japanese photographers. Older books often had only one printing run, and the people who buy this stuff are the kind to hold onto it until they're 6 feet under. Photography for all its inherent value in diversifing voices in history and complementing art still remains a very insular field, it's typical to see 70's photobooks reaching unattainable prices never to be scanned. I'm discovering my tastes in regards to what I'm willing to pay for and the type of photos I aspire to take. Just thinking about photographers dedicating their time to something truly obscure also makes my imagination bloom, trying to think what their rationalizations are and the day-to-day that gave birth to their perspectives. For that, I have no regrets in shelling over a few shekels for some sun-blasted books.

    currently after:

  • 北井 一夫 RESISTANCE
  • 北井 一夫 過激派
  • 北井 一夫 三里塚
  • 北井 一夫 BARRICADE
  • 渡辺眸 東大1968-1969ー封鎖の内側
  • 浜口タカシ 反体制派
  • 浜口タカシ ドキュメント・視角
  • 浜口タカシ 記録と瞬間
  • 浜口タカシ Document Sanrizuka
  • 福島菊次郎 ピカドン -ある原爆被災者の記録
  • 福島菊次郎 迫る危機 自衛隊と兵器産業を告発する!
  • 福島菊次郎 戦場からの報告 三里塚 1967-1977
  • 福島菊次郎 戦争がはじまる 
  • 福島菊次郎 天皇の親衛隊 日本の戦後を考える
  • 福島菊次郎 戦後の若者たち 東大闘争、三里塚他
  • 福島菊次郎 原爆と人間の記録
  • 栗原達男 怒りを日々の糧に 学生闘争の記録・栗原達男写真報告
  • 阿部了 おべんとうの時間 1~4
  • 剣持加津夫 魔薬 フォート・ドキュメント
  • 剣持加津夫 日本の麻薬禍
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  • 中村のん 70'HARAJUKU

  • Published:
  • Purchased: 10/8?/2020
  • $7
  • Author Bio
  • Bits from 70's Japan. This one didn't grab me flipping through it, none of the photos are particularly striking or distinctive, especially for a book centered on one specific period. Might sell this one.

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    渡辺眸 東大全共闘1968-1969

  • Published: 1987
  • Purchased: 10/1/2020
  • $12
  • Author Bio
  • In a break from other Long Sixties photobooks, there's photos from behind the protests, looking at how the students operated and lived. Physically it's on the smaller side.

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    浜口タカシ ドキュメント日本 激動の日々35年

  • Published: 2018
  • Purchased: 10/1/2020
  • $10
  • Author Bio
  • A best of photobook by Hamaguchi including Minamata victims, USAF crashes, American occupation, and post-war economic weirdness. The guy in the top left is trading his pachinko winnings for two daikons.

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    土門 拳 - 土門拳の昭和(4) ドキュメント日本

  • Published: 1995
  • Purchased: 1/27/2020
  • $7
  • Author Bio
  • !Contains images of gore!

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa
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    西宮大策 hi mi tsu ki chi ヒミツキチ

  • Published: 2009
  • Purchased: 1/12/2020
  • $7
  • Author's Site
  • This photobook is a collage of innocence, pictures of 13 secret bases built by kids inside suburban forests and inbetween houses. Nature photography but about pillow forts. The photographer even managed to interview some of the kids, and their quotes periodically dot every other photo. A comfy book that will unravel any reader's adult persona.
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  • 梅佳代 - ウメップ

  • Published: 2010
  • Purchased: 11/15/2019
  • $3
  • Author Bio
  • Found a photobook by Ume Kayo that I really liked at bookoff. I usually skip over landscape or portrait albums unless it's ethnographic stuff and this one centers around the ordinary. Street photography of people in the author's home town, filled with the benign charm of a small Japanese community. These are the sort of photos I'd like to take more of. She shoots with a Canon EOS 5.

    these sold pretty well across japan.

  • 梅佳代 - うめめ

  • Published: 2006
  • Purchased: 12/10/2019
  • $7
  • Found another photobook by Ume Kayo and her most famous one, Umeme. Both my sister and my mom has seen a copy somewhere. More benign charm of a small town. Here's some of my favorite shots:
  • These are the kind of photos I want to take more of.
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  • 福島菊次郎 - 証言と遺言

  • Published: 2013
  • Purchased: 11/20/2019
  • $12
  • Author Bio
  • Got a new photography book by the late Kikujiro Fukushima. I bought it for $12USD which is a tad pricy, and it has a bit of commentary mixed in with the photos so the presentation is less pleasing. Regardless, fantastic photos of Hiroshima post-bombing, Japanese self-defence forces rearmament, Sanrizuka protests, Tokyo University protests, etc.: Events and controversies that defined post-war Japan.

    Fukushima's story is fucking insane, being ordered to charge at American tanks with torpedos on a beach in WWII after being drafted for the second time. His work as a welfare officer with Atomic bombing victims wholly neglected by the government got him to pursue photojournalism during post-war Japan, chasing after subjects like JSDF rearmament, leftist protests, and Zainichi Korean poverty. Fukushima used to get death threats from Japanese monarchists for publishing photos like these, his house was burned down, and he was was repeatedly denied journalist passes and blacklisted from interviews. He shot with a variety of Nikon SLRs.

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  • 砂川を記録する会 ベトナム反戦闘争 1965-69

  • Published: 2013
  • Purchased: 11/3/2019
  • Free
  • Visited a Myohoji temple known for their activism beforehand, and I spotted a 60's anti-Vietnam war protests photobook. Asked one of the priests if I could buy it, and they gave it to me? Like Halloween, I agonized whether I should actually attend, but this in my hands blew away any doubt. New experiences are good. In a return to form, anti-imperialist and pacifist protests erupted all over Japan after the Vietnam war kicked off. American jets regularly crashed into homes killing dozens of people and conglomerates like Mitsubishi and the shipping industry were benefitting from an American war that was using their country as a launchpad. So much for state pacifism. This photobook is about protestors in Tachikawa resisting efforts to expand an American airbase.
  • You can see a few M79's among the riot police for crowd dispersion, ironic.
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  • 浜口タカシ - 戦慄の成田空港

  • Published: 1978
  • Purchased: 10/24/2019
  • $12
  • Author Bio
  • Historical context (wiki)
  • Historical context
  • The initial construction of Narita airport in Chiba prefecture faced opposition from residents refusing to sell their land and their fight against the central government was galvanized by leftist student protesters and anarchists. As a whole Leftism was reinvigorated by the lingering memories of American occupation and Japan's participation in the Korean and Vietnam war. To this day Narita airport is a lot smaller than initially envisioned precisely because of these protests. Unimaginable for something like this to happen today with the amount of political apathy up in the air. Overjoyed at finding this at Book-off, although I'm kicking myself 2 months later for missing the Zengakuren photobook. Older Japanese photobooks like these typically only had 1 printing run and are unobtanium as a whole.

    Created: 1/27/2020

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