Sweet heaven above there's little else that will get me going more than a good romance story.

I approach the genre similarly to BL; You're a fly on the fly-covered wall, looking down on a meritous couple engaging in a wonderful bond. Doesn't matter if it opens with toast in the mouth and「遅刻、ちこくう~」.

There's pacing, character development, all that shit. In the end if I come away beaming with delight, then it's more than worth my schizophrenic attention. My favorite is the slow trickle. None of that "love at first sight," that stuff should be reserved for disney movies with heteronormative gender roles. A directed slice of life is usually great. It's the long con of pretending to love them unconditionally. It's a shame that the MC's best friend is usually passed up for some new girl tho.

Reading through any romance series worth its weight elicits a sort of emotional libido in the reader. An animalistic anticipation mixed with rabid curiosity. There's much on the line after all, sometimes the author butchers the story beyond comprehension. In that respect the medium turns into a horror with terrible events happening to characters you're emotionally invested in. Other times, a favorable outcome is met and you're left with the warm afterglow of satisfaction, not unlike orgasm.

Another great genre is the married life setting. I remember this one series that was just completely ruined with the MC cheating on his pregnant wife in the last chapter as sort of a gangrenous appendix. Thanks for that, now it's killed the rest of the body. I also tap out once there's full vaginal penetration or any sort of r*pe. Teacher/Schoolgirl is usually also a NG, although there have been 1 or 2 exceptions.

fuck, isn't monogmany great?


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