There exist several variations of the DT770 from 32 to 600ohms. 80 ohms means that they benefit a little from amplification, but work fine with portable devices like smartphones. Don't buy the DT770M variant, they clamp harder, come with a coiled cable, and have isolating leather earpads. Completely different beast, mainly aimed at drummers. Like the Sony MDR7506/V6, you'll see the DT770 everywhere in the TV and music industry. Unlike the former however, these are actually pleasant to listen to. These go for around $150 and I lucked out in getting an as-is pair and soldered the cable back together. While for-parts stuff is questionable for analog cameras, headphones are dead simple. Worst case scenario was a dead driver but even that could be rectified for $45, still under the average asking price of a used DT770.


Simple, solid, serviceable as expected from Beyerdynamic. Most parts can bought and changed out.(at a price) Steel gimbals and solid polymer earcups. Very un-German if you ask me. I prefer the look of vintage DT770s since they lack the wAcKy font of new pairs.


Very nice. Everyone gushes about the velour pads and for good reason. They rarely get hot and dissappear on your head. As they're grey they get grimy fairly quick. Soap and water can only go so far. My pair is probably 2+ years old so the pads look like a smoker's walls and have collapsed a fair bit: my ears occasionally touch the driver, which is uncomfy. I can sleep with these headphones though, which is a testament to their comfort. Don't lay on your side, or you'll inherit a crusty pensioner's spine. Unfortunately, the non-swiveling earcups and 10ft cable make this an at-home headphone. I've tried taking it out but even having it around your neck prevents you from looking downwards. Not a huge deal for me since I prefer IEMs.


Bass isn't boomy, neither does it extend particularly deep. Despite what I've read it seems fairly modest. That of course can be attributed to the prehistoric earpads, but I do get a good seal. There are a variety of mods to improve the low-end involving applying Dynamat that are fairly well documented. Haven't done anything yet, but If I free up some time I'll probably get to it.

Mids aren't that pushed back, and do a generous amount of detail retrieval. Vocalists breathing, percussionists fiddling with their drumsticks: If the music is well mastered, these headphones can bring them in.

Highs are great. Beyers are notorious for harsh treble, and the 770 80ohms is on their tame side. Despite this, Guitars sound energetic and detailed. This accentuation no doubt helps the soundstage a great bit.

Soundstage is odd. I felt like the center intimacy was not there. I've had them for half a year and I can't quite put my finger on it. Again, maybe it's due to my refusal to buy $30 pads. Regardless, it is very good, certainly better than any other closed-back headphones I've heard. The sharp treble and adequate bass also makes this an ideal ASMR headphone.


Yep, this is exactly what I expected. The DT770 are the premier "babby's first headphone." Probably one of my best buys of 2018, alongside a straight razor and a silicone tube I have sex with.

Created: 2/9/2019

Beyerdynamic DT770