how i drown out the fridge compressor

chaste ears

i saw these on a fetish site

smear vaseline on my filter for those tones bro

cosplay for days yall

nostalgic pictures of nothing


my complicated relationship with remembering how it used to be

self-identity in pluralism

thinking about thinking

contextualizing release

contextualziing depression

drifting apart

the lingering contradictions of a disaster

intoxicating elixr

dissecting manlust

masturbatory fantasy

here's some emotional trauma

expecting the worst and still being surprised

the uk's best media exports since rupert murdoch

who knew something so wholesome could be made somewhere so dreadful?

chess but smutty

fuck the global economy

traumatic head injury in game form


Is this even English?

a collection of short thoughts

a discord channel about what make me bongo

July 8th, 2018


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