all of my belongings pre-2010 are gone so here's a page for the departed
took it to a field trip to the forest and it filled up with dirt always in the lego bin screamed at you when bumped into the buttons lit up nicad batteries were awful can still remember the power down jingle zzzz always wanted one unidentified fishing game, was always in the trunk of the corolla the speaker grills are burned into my memory Speak & Spell but sailor moon brian had one, wanted one so bad 2004 mcdonalds serena & venus williams tennis game water inside turned black a fucking gordian knot for a child 1st gen ipod touch chromatic godzilla cards remember reaching up to grab one sibling had a blue one always wanted one, arm hair exterminator ignored at the school play area definitely had a lizard that mom made scattered loose in the lego bins mom put coupons in these no idea where we got it from we never bought any, I just loved small things squishy stickers still have these ribbed texture always wanted one recurring dreams Mushiking in-n-out stickers ben got caught cheating during a spelling test these were disgusting obedience bill nye, school house rock played flash games always there schoolhouse rock I have so much HDPE in my veins I'm can probably stop rounds up to M80 ball these were disgusting came in a big plastic clamshell somehow gritty texture always got one at the dermatologist you'd smell it on your breath into the next day ate one of these before every wednesday aikido class when mom wasn't home taiwanese pineapple cakes always got one at the glendale galleria sometimes got one at the glendale galleria crumbled into milk and ate it like cereal stack attack on a siemens? phone what a game to find in the walmart bargain bin picked up from school grounds there was also a light grey movie cartridge full color manga from the lugia movie author died hiking author died diving lost my shonen jump subscription so I photocopied pages from the library at the library there's a gross part where he peels back his scab where clammbon's name comes from propaganda was afraid of "using up" so kept it pristine read at the library and it effected me for the rest of the day checked this out at least a dozen times, author went to federal prison seeing bianca degroat in a commercial was like seeing a relative on TV
  • watched on hulu when it was free with no ads madtv ed o'neil looks like a plasticine figure in this picture opening theme opening theme reran on tv and I watched a guy get his penis shot off and his friends try to stop the bleeding with a book heard later that mom didn't want me to watch because it opens with 2 adulterers getting stabbed to death with a pair of scissors
  • the scene where seven gets engulfed in foam was nightmarish tomboy propaganda はねるのトびら Aの嵐 celebrities live on 10,000 yen a month, a product of the recession Trivia no Izumi Boss Coffee commercials Gokusen orphanage worker and Yakuza boss get switched yakuza boss's son has to clandestinely attend high school Nodame Cantabile smapxsmap Hanazakari no Kimitachi Winter Sonata dae jang geum
  • there was a dubious video shop with pirated japanese shows on VHS went here every saturday with the family after japanese school went here every saturday with the family after japanese school last time I went bands of cosplayers were gobbling up doujinshi at the kinokuniya remember how dark inside it used to be polish boleslawiec plates flower plates

    add the obvious stuff too? separate the online stuff?

  • 6/6/2023
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  • so glad maddox turned out to be a cool guy saber scorpion brickarms you manage to take a slice! a woman taught me how to play while waiting for an audition this dude scammed his fans madness ultimate showdown office nerf war respawn inbox elevator show gman squad obss lego stop motion videos is it a good idea to microwave this? counter-strike for kids razor ramon
  • 9/5/2023
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    modern fangame
  • 12/30/2023
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