• Lens: 35mm f3.7/55mm 5.6
  • Sensor: 1/4" CCD
  • Shutter: Mechanical, 1/8-1/1000
  • File output: 768 x 576 24-bit
  • Exposure: TTL, exposure compensation options
  • Playback: Detachable 1.8" TFT LCD
  • Battery: 4x AA
  • Storage: Internal 2MB flash, PCMCIA slot
  • Weight: 285g

    The Ricoh DC-2 is a digital camera from 1996. It features start-up noises that resembles an Epson office printer and a silhouette suitable for Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. The 2E strips away the secondary 55mm lens, audio recording, flash, and is 10 ounces lighter. Both accept PC cards up to 40MB that I use a CF card adapter in. It has NTSC out and an RS232 port that will stay unused until I gather enough courage to buy a Trinitron. The controls are surprisingly intuitive with the absence of gordian menu systems so ubiquitous later.

    the required goods

    I like to walk around with the playback LCD stripped off.

    In terms of cons the focus confirmation chime is identical to the photo taken chime. The battery door is fragile and it eats batteries like other cameras of its time. Bafflingly unlike the DC-1 it doesn't take video, only audio and photos with audio clips.

    wow it's hard getting good images, every photo turns into a flat overcast day like you've just been jailed to Jeju or Aberdeen. I vaguely remember using an old Olympus mju that used XD cards 15 years ago but my standards must've been low.

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  • anti-Osprey poster next to baptist church
  • 5/5/2023

  • Ricoh DC-2/2E