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  • finished Love at Goon Park, a loose biography on cloth mother enthusiast Harry Harlow. converting images to avif. new years was sparse

    it's good to see that 2024 is going to be the end-of-season finale for humanity. late night episode of abarembo shogun, must've been 15 years since I last saw it. on another show the enshittification of twitter was translated into "sewerification." reasonably sure that I'm done with the schooling page. remembered when the italian-looking tourist shot a dirty look at her son curiously fondling the anime keystraps on my backpack

    things are bad. I need a project. finished a second kimono

    walked 2 hours to higashimurayama. teaching the new guy english. Apparently he was voluntold into sysad. It's been a wild month of news, all of them entertaining and none of them good. Every "Ashihara Hinako dead" tweet has thousands of verified urdu accounts replying with the thumbs up emoji

    It's been a while that I've seen surgery footage on the TV that makes your hands weak. A staggering saturday segment on che guevara's life headed by ozawa yukiyoshi and shingomama. If this aired in the states thousands would start attacking their smart TVs. It seems like after SMAP disbanded (minus that one member) they're going full throttle on whatever they want. shin hissatsu shiokinin, The ED sounds like something from a blaxploitation film.

    snow. Windshield wipers left standing, people walking their dogs in the blizzard. Reading some old man bearbait manga, the author has likely never smelled a hi-lite-smoking late 30's japanese salaryman . Another great オモウマ with the ridiculously shy grocery store owner who feels a thrill from caressing the line between profit and insolvency, handing out free boxes of fruit to customers and marking things down 50% before opening. It must be like those bedtime daydreams about going back in time to feed people. Rap is the bgm for this 400-year old sake brewery commercial. I can't believe Tommy Lee Jones is still doing those Boss coffee ads. A brilliant late-night special on Ainu opposition to dam projects in nibutani.

    penis reveal at 1 million

    Listening to Anita Baker recently. Another trip to nippori. Tomato was dry but the button shop had fish buttons and another had rust brown linen for 1300 yen/m. If i was worldbuilding human civilization keyrings would be a status symbol. Gilded keyrings, codpiece keychains, keyring dowries,

    conversations on the etymology of corn. Another profoundly chaotic food review segment on かりそめ天国. One of the introduced traditional sweets shops is headed by a serious-looking lanky spectacled man who spent 19 years training. He immediately jumps into making dirty jokes with the 2 comedians. He is later graciously given the nickname "arctic seal with an erotic beard"

    up and downs. new houseplant, hop bush. the majority of my caloric intake is from peanuts and caramel. finally lapped in nominal GDP by g*rmany, more headlines puffing up how well the stock market is doing and the growing popularity of foreign index funds. a wild news segment on the unification church's tentacles into textbook reform, sex education, portrayals of nuclear energy, and their overall worldmap from internal documents that ends with converting the emperor and establishing itself as the state religion. State surveillance of the church was suspended after abe became PM and the last 6 education ministers have had church ties. Many are pointing out that soka gakkai have already elevated themselves to level 4 of the roadmap.

    Have a routine with retinol and toners and sunscreen and everything now. I've looked about 30 for the last 15 years but this gifted face cream is shocking, fully convinced me. Like any trifling hobby it must be like inserting objects inside yourself, what was previously a binary sensation is sharpened into multipolar perceptions, the wool over your eyes gone. The news is reporting that there's a dire shortage of volunteers in Ishikawa (2700 vs 620,000 during the Hanshin earthquakes) Covid is one given reason but more interestingly media criticism of volunteers is another. Initial very prominent media voices told people to stay home because (half-assed self-interested) volunteers would suck up local resources for food and board. On some shows it was spun into praise for the JSDF because they're self-sufficient in that respect. All of it speaks to the professionalization of aid that local cities are pushing and the hostile environment it fosters, nurses and elderly care workers versus just volunteers. apparently outdoor retailer montbell is distributing clothing and setting up toilets, defying orders from ishikawa prefecture to stay out

    PM's approval rating is 14% which is frankly impressive. Been watching thru hiking videos. Reflecting back on the boyscout handbooks I grew up with the changes are pretty sigificant. external frame packs, distrust of tourniquets, complete lack of water filters, 10 lb welted boots, many things have changed. remembered that there was a throwing wheel at gran's, I NEED to get my hands on it

    today was productive. reading secret commandos, history of the world in 7 cheap things, mcmafia. bought some leather for a panamka chinstrap. there was some beautiful half-meter batik fabric but it was cotton. instead of smoking I give my money to jovial fabric vendors

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