These days it’s commonplace to do everything online, from designing the layout of your kitchen to locating a stranger prepared to kill and eat you for mutual sexual gratification.

hi. I'm currently a student studying abroad in Japan. I seem to get along best with middle-aged housewives. The best compliment I've received is "I think of you every time I pop a devastating ass pimple." My username is from a friend saying "I've been in pain for a while now" later used as a ringtone. Going through neocities is adorable, I wish there were other ways of this sort of personal self-expression. Everyone on reddit and tumblr are faceless and discord is infested with people who would stab each another if given the opportunity. Every other mainstream service has a cultivated, transient experience that feels deeply impersonal. Neocities is great. My time here now easily rivals the other sanity debuffs I click through.

I've always been curious about the circles people choose to gravitate toward: the art they enjoy, music they listen to, hobbies they invest in. Tumblr was a great example of a carefully cultivated environment: An endless feed of media that expands upon your existing interests depending on who you follow. Expand your scope and more diverse stuff comes your way. Archives of Geocities and by extension, Neocities grants me that perspective through demonstrations of self-expression in open-ended personal sites. Each one is wildly different in content and charm, it illicits something in me that I don't feel with feeds of algorithmically selected posts.

Above all, I'm interested in the mentalities people adhere to. Their outlook on life, how they structure their day-to-day and reflect about their past. I've had a rather contentious relationship with both, and it's refreshing to see some different approaches.

A .txt file used to occupy my thoughts, but it was too 2D to be a helpful reference. Neocities allows me to catalog my thoughts in a concise manner and include pictures. Best part is I feel compelled to distill down my emotions into something succinct, a plate of palpable regurgitations.

This site is a good exercise for me to have my interests laid out and periodically updated. I was the kinda kid to bring their favorite toys everywhere. That mentality has stuck with me. Hopefully you'll find some personal intersections in my writings. Sorry if you're a neo-nazi or something.

questions? suggestions? death threats? take a gander at the guestbook or I'm just a normal guy and I'd love to hear your thoughts about anything. I'm very impressionable and I will join your extremist organization

Written: March 6th, 2019

Site created: July 8th, 2018

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  • clothing
  • furniture
  • photography
  • audio
  • watches
  • cooking
  • collecting cursed images
  • quilting (planned)
  • pottery (planned)
  • worldbuilding (planned)
  • wildlife photography (planned)
  • dislikes

  • asbestos tile
  • landmines
  • embroidery machines
  • the japanese


  • [fps] Cruelty Squad
  • [fps] Team Fortress 2 Pre-2014
  • [fps] Halo:Reach
  • [rpg] Metal Gear Solid 3
  • [rpg] System Shock
  • [rpg] Deus Ex
  • [rpg] Pathologic 2
  • [rpg] Fire Emblem 8
  • [rpg] Minecraft beta 1.7.3
  • [rpg] Maplestory Pre-Big Bang
  • [horror] Twilight Syndrome
  • [colony sim] Rimworld
  • [narrative] Papers, please
  • [exploration] LSD:Dream Emulator
  • [rhythm] Warioware Gold
  • music

  • [rap] milo
  • [rap] noname
  • [rap] deca
  • [rap] atmosphere
  • [j-folk] zabadak
  • [j-pop] tomggg
  • [j-indie] ラブリーサマーちゃん
  • [j-pop] ゆのみ
  • [j-rap] 泉まくら
  • [j-rock] シュリスペイロフ
  • [j-rock] ecosystem
  • [boomertunes] Julie London
  • [boomertunes] Doris Day


  • Saitō Shinichi
  • Yves Tanguy
  • Yoshida Hiroshi
  • myojo_8989
  • panpanya
  • anmari
  • tkmiz
  • plastiboo
  • bigkneelover


  • [suspense] monster
  • [suspense] perfect blue
  • [comedy] gintama
  • [comedy] danshikoukousei no nichijou
  • [slice of life] tamayura
  • [suffering] madoka magica
  • [suffering] clannad
  • [objectively shit] hayate no gotoku
  • [objectively shit] strawberry panic
  • [objectively comfy] hidamari sketch
  • manga

  • [suspense] [浦沢直樹] モンスター monster
  • [suspense] [伊図透] 銃座のウルナ juuza no ulna
  • [suspense] [ながべ] とつくにの少女 totsukuni no shoujo
  • [horror] [押見修造] 血の轍 chi no wadachi
  • [existential trans horror] [ふみふみこ] ぼくらのへんたい bokura no hentai
  • [???] [浅野いにお] おやすみプンプン oyasumi punpun
  • [comedy] [三上小又] ゆゆ式 yuyushiki
  • [slice of life] [水瀬るるう] 大家さんは思春期!ooyasan ha seishhunki
  • [slice of life] [あずまきよひこ] よつばと! yotsubato
  • [slice of life] [あずまきよひこ] あずまんが大王 azumanga daioh
  • [slice of life] [蒼樹うめ] ひだまりスケッチ hidamari sketch
  • [slice of life] [作井ルビ] あかまつ akamatsu
  • [fantasy] [九井諒子] ダンジョン飯 dungeon meshi
  • [romance] [水谷フーカ] 14歳の恋/GAME OVER 14sai no koi/game over
  • [romance] [桐丘さな ] 大正処女御伽話 taisho otomemonogatari
  • [romance] [斎藤けん] かわいいひと kawaiihito
  • [romance] [河内遙] 関根くんの恋 sekine un no koi
  • [romance] [なかとかくみこ] 塩田先生と雨井ちゃん shito sensei to amaichan
  • [romance] [モリコロス] のぼさんとカノジョ? nobosan to kanojo?
  • [gl] [古鉢るか] はなにあらし hananiarashi
  • [gl] [雪子] ふたりべや futaribeya
  • [gl] [郷本] 夜と海 yoru to umi
  • [gl] [へーべー] 魔女とほうきと黒縁メガネ
  • [gl] [萩埜まこと] 熱帯魚は雪に焦がれる
  • [bl] natsu ha kimi no naka
  • [deep sea fishgirls] [犬犬] 深海魚のアンコさん
  • movie

  • Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
  • The Holy Mountain
  • Come and See
  • Heat
  • Woman in the Dunes
  • The Face of Another


  • b r o w n
  • food

  • nanbanzuke, nishin soba, clam chowder, beef stroganoff, banh mi, Lo mai gai, ankimo, tamales, beef tongue


  • japanese plum soda, comatose-inducing coffee


  • standing up too fast


  • silkmoths
  • bird

  • Grey Heron, Shoebill


  • A-6, F-14, OV-10 for that sweet, sweet, economical COIN
  • car

  • Honda NSX, AMC Pacer
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    Braun Atelier Mainboard Terminal noguchi table Rogan Gregory Sculptural Coffee Table lensvelt AVL Cloudtable Isokon Penguin Donkey Papasan Wicker chair Oo table lamp White Akabeko Haniwa Figure tripod chawan Insect Display


    barbour longshoreman Kapital Tri-P Kapital Kamakura Blouson Kapital Ringcoat Kapital Dogis Fleece French Extreme Orient pants reproduction Red Wing Harvester Asics Gel Yeti Seiko SCVS013 Seiko 6117-8000 Seiko 7018-8000 Nodus Sector GMT Nomos Tangente Ruthenium Datum Sinn 556i Mother of Pearl




    Sweet osmanthus DT1990 Moondrop Venus FREEing Reimu 1/4 figure Sojiro's Treasure set anko rubber strap molcajete circumstraint tufting gun


    Canon Powershot Zoom Monocular?
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  • scan photobooks
  • Finish PC case
  • Start sewing again
  • dye,spraypaint,embroider clothing
  • Start sewing lolita
  • Build bits of furniture
  • Assemble Hi-fi corner
  • Build Mini-ITX PC (AMD 2400g) 2/13/2020
  • Shoot film at Maizuru countryside
  • Take wildlife photography
  • Take lo-fi trash photos, recreate cursed images
  • Recreate childhood photos
  • diy chess set?
  • diy botany notebook?
  • play a good fire emblem (oxymoron
  • take a pottery class
  • make a hidamari yukkuri, spurdo
  • shoot the provia
  • grass balcony - ghrowing container?
  • submit to 35mmc, reading project
  • shoot more f2, petri
  • get fabric patches printed
  • play Golden Light, entity researchers
  • stonecarving/woodcarving
  • paper mache furniture
  • wooden furniture
  • hifi console
  • needle rugs
  • start an alternative spiritual organization
  • print bedsheets
  • bucket list
  • build a device
  • go to a peaches show
  • recipe book, parallel botany/Codex Seraphinianus book
  • detonate the device
  • make gutskin/fishskin parka


  • Takehara - tamayura
  • iidesan mountain
  • anime manholes
  • 男子高校生の日常 river scene in Chiba
  • nakatomi capsule hotel
  • touhou vending machine in Tochigi
  • 白鹿権現 animal shrine
  • 大平和祈念塔 tower
  • 久喜
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