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MADTV, king of queens,

My name is phil, king of the hill, simpsons, the office,

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Kitchen Nightmares



kassemg 5/1 shinagawa ikko 有吉弘行のダレトク sarameshi tamayura pbs shows - into middle school? ruff ruffman, vocab girl, Technology Connections BON APETIT danny choo Team Roomba TEam GRN Norm Macdonald Live scotty kilmer bakajjj バッカスTV 奇跡のトリビア mememe series of unfortunate events lightning thief harry potter CaseyNeistat JeepersMedia, betty crocker mail order pans, blopens, bumpits, EmpireToday No Country for Old Men aojiru commercials of the farmer eating dirt harry potter puppet pals, lonely island,The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, before the bomb goes off jp youtuber making soup with hot rock, fish sabaku nutnfancy hickok45 military arms channel forgottenweapons inrange


  • ►Elementary School
  • 9/2005~6/2010

  • Nerf, airguns, Lego, Lighters?
  • Twist Ties
  • Halo Machinima, Arby N' Chief, skullkruncher13, schmoyoho, Freeman's Mind, Smosh, RWJ, Nigahiga, Wong-du productions, Kipkay, MAKE, Lego stopmotion, KLAYworld, Madness, Gman squad, college humor POV, team roomba, Cutlerylover, Uin13, b00m13, remi gaillard, elevator show, Mail call, bones, i love raymond, king of queens, danny choo, mythbusters
  • PBS cartoons
  • ごくせん, hanayori, nodame cantabile, sailor fuku and kikanjuu, トリビアの泉, あいのり,?万円生活
  • robot unicorn attack, Ace of Spades, Flash games, tetris on facebook
  • 8-bit EDM, Dubstep:ephixia, Noisestorm
  • Russo-Georgian War
  • ►Middle School
  • 9/2010~6/2012

  • Lego
  • Survival kits
  • Knives
  • Lighters
  • Married w/ Children, Team Roomba, Lyle mcdouchbag, Team AVO, MyselfOverwhelmed, Zisteau, achievement hunter: Fails of the week, Myoelectric, profound moments in L4D2, Hutch, Seananners, Holidaydoc, TheCreatures: Treetopia, Alchestbreach, APLfisher: CSS, OMGZahmbies, foodwishes, cooking with dog, chris smoove, bewitched, get smart, simpsons, king of queens, i lvoe raymond, seinfeld, the office, himym, friends,
  • Minecraft, Incredibots, Maplestory, backyard monsters, Urban Terror, CS Portable?, Ace of Spades?,
  • Pomplamoose
  • SOPA, /r/atheism,
  • ► High School
  • 9/2012~3/2013

  • EDC
  • Anime
  • Ronery Anon, Star_, Cryaotic, Respawn Inbox, Swaggalaggin(Vlog), Goldentot: Minecraft, NODE: Man Party, hickok45, tagg, OMGZahmbies
  • Clannad Toradora Gintama?, Hayate?, madoka? Danshik? Strawberry Panic? Hoshizora? Yosuga? oreimo before moving
  • Payday, Osu!, TF2, Ace of Spades, Madness Project Nexus, Cry of Fear, GoldenEye: Source
  • Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Julie London, Noisestorm

  • ► Overseas School
  • 4/2013~8/2013

  • とんねるず 20周年SP, Ronery Anon
  • STGGGS, ICTON, Psychoduck?,TheCreatures: Treetopia, Cryaotic: Corpse Party
  • Minecraft FE8, Madness Project Nexus, Mami Fukkatsu
  • Julie London, Lia,

  • ► RB High School
  • 8/2013~?

  • Gear
  • Conan, Triumph the Dog,swaggalaggin VODs
  • Vinesauce, Welcome to the basement, ASDFS, didloaded, friendlyjordies, VICE, melonpan, Wecome to the basement, Good MM, ronery anon, demod, critical
  • L4D2, Red Orchestra 2, FE8, Don't Starve
  • Ecosystem, Mono, Rodeo Carburettor, Julie London, Nujabes, Clammbon

  • ► ND High School
  • 8/2014~11/2014

  • Gachimuchi, APLfisher, VEKroogur,
  • Nyaruko? Tamayura? Spice and Wolf?
  • CSGO, Clash of Clans, Payday 2

  • ►Comm College Spring
  • 1/30/2015~8/?/2015

  • Lab Job
  • 2Bro Radio
  • Last Week Tonight, 3kliksphillip, Soviet Womble: Dayz Bullshittery, Goldentot: TTT, SerpaFL, Casey Neistat, Respawn inbox w/apl, Alchestbreach
  • CSGO, Payday 2, Kancolle, Teleglitch, FE8, Flash games
  • Lovelysummerchan, Izumi Makura, Andrew Sisters

  • ► Japan, Fall
  • 8/21/2015~9/22/2015

  • Sukusuto
  • Lovelysummerchan, Izumi Makura, Bajune Tobeta, Julie London?

  • ► Comm College Winter
  • 9/22/2015~1/25/2016

  • Gear
  • 2Bro radio:トワイライトシンドローム, Goroncity, 変態サバゲー, last wee tonight, adam curtis, screenwipe?
  • Sukusuto, CSGO, Killing Floor, Nekoatsume, Red Orchestra 2, Kancolle
  • Clammbon: Re-, Lovelysummerchan, Yunomi

  • ► Comm College Spring
  • 1/25/2016~5/21/2016

  • Clothing, Gear
  • JPTV, Nodame Cantabile, resturaunt boys?
  • ASMR, Tsuneraji, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Newswipe, Adam Curtis, Kiyo/最終兵器俺達, Shinagawa Ikko, Swimsuit MDDs
  • Unturned, CSGO, Phantom Forces, Don't Starve, Kancolle, Skyrim
  • Sambomaster, syuripelof?
  • Mary Roach
  • ► Japan, Summer
  • ?

  • Clothing
  • FE8
  • ???

  • ► Comm College, Fall
  • 8/20/2016~?

  • Manga, JPTV, Gear
  • vippers, Mary Roach
  • Last Week Tonight, Adam Curtis, Newswipe?, Hekitora House
  • Payday 2, Skyrim, Sukusuto, Phantom Forces, Conquerers
  • Yakushima Etsuko, Daoko, Teddyloid, nano.ripe, shrysupeilof, Vaporwave/lo-fi

  • ► Japan, Winter
  • 1/1~1/26/2017

  • LSC Concert
  • Sukusuto
  • Open Mike Eagle, Gontiti, The Frights

  • ► comm college spring
  • 1/27~5/31/2017

  • Manga, JPTV, ASMR
  • Cooking(No mom)
  • Cosplaying airsoft man, Ryoga, しょうじ, さまぁ~ず×さまぁ~ず,モヤモヤさまぁ~ず
  • Sukusuto, Modded Skyrim
  • Atmosphere, Sophie Meiers, Aesop Rock, Milo, BAND-MAID, Aimer

  • ► Comm College Summer
  • 6/19~?

  • Watches, ASMR, Manga
  • Vinesauce, Jerma985, Super bunnyhop, Game Dungeon, Rimworld, CSGO, Sukusuto
  • Sophie Meiers, Sambomaster, Milo, Open Mike Eagle

  • ► ?probably comm
  • ?~12/23/2017

  • Sent in transfer application
  • Manga, BL, Denim, Embroidering, ASMR, Watches, GYW
  • Charlie Brooker, Teo, setokoji:splatoon, ひゃくえんラジオ
  • Miitomo, Sukusuto
  • Milo

  • ► Comm College Spring
  • 1/29/2018~5/26/2018

  • Uni Transfer accepted
  • Mom returns sick
  • Headphones, Manga
  • Tsune:sutopani, Charlie Brooker, 2bro, Teo, LGR, The Moth, Techlinked, bon apettit
  • Rimworld, CSGO, Unturned
  • Scallops hotel
  • Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Noname

  • ► Summer
  • 5/27/2018~9/2018

  • DIY Clothing, Manga:isekai, GL, Gintama, Yurucamp, Neocities, Supersizers Eat..., APLfisher: Stream snack, jerma
  • Ravenfield
  • Unleash the Archers

  • ► Uni Fall
  • 9/20/18~12/15/18

  • Film Cameras, Clothing,
  • Beezlebub, Yuyushiki,
  • Unleash the Archers, Nostrum Grocers, Open Mike
  • Temporex, Deca, Unleash the Archers, Gontiti

  • ► Winter Break, at home
  • 12/16/2018~1/4/2019

  • DIY Clothing
  • Vinesauce, Jerma 985, Art of Photograhpy, Negative Feedback, Down the Rabbithole, Tagg, Techmoan
  • Kancolle, AC Pocket Camp

  • ► Uni Spring
  • 1/5/2019~3/18/2019

  • Film Cameras, Manga,
  • Beezlebub, Vinesauce, Gaki no Tsukai, Nodame Cantabile

  • ► Spring Break
  • 3/18/2019~3/31/2019

  • DIY Clothing, Manga, trendy drama, Question time
  • Noname

  • ► Uni Fall
  • 4/1/2019~6/14/2019

  • Sewayaki, Attkun to Kanojo, Senryuu Shoujo
  • Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, Veep, Maddox Podcast, Tagg
  • CSGO, TF2, Phantom Forces
  • Mccafferty, Sakana Cushion, Zabadak

  • ►Japan sharehouse, company apt
  • iunno what date

  • Super bunnyhop
  • good eats
  • ►Japan uni 1st semester
  • iunno what date

  • Respawn Inbox
  • seto koji
  • teo
  • jerma
  • omocoro
  • strayberry panic playhrough
  • Nyarons
  • MafuMafu
  • ►Japan winter break
  • iunno what date

  • tested
  • seto koji
  • teo
  • jerma
  • Live PD
  • Malice Mizer
  • crumb
  • ►Japan quarantine
  • fe heroes

  • 吉田製作所
  • hidamari
  • dad and sons
  • tarkov jp youtubers
  • haiji
  • hylics
  • zabadak
  • pharcyde
  • ►Job applications quarantine 2020
  • barstool pizza reviews
  • jerma, vinesauce noita, setokoji, goldentot,jack saint,
  • ザ・ノンフィクション, 家ついて行っていいですか?, 人生の楽園
  • ►NEET quarantine 2021
  • don't starve
  • jerma painting, vinesauce wario/spyro/, 2bro tarkov, yukkuri tarkov, the moth, munchies, gamers nexus, LTT, wreckless eating
  • ►NEET quarantine 2021
  • crulety squad
  • All Gas No Brakes, xoxo, tales from the green valley, mary beard documentaries, drew gooden, van niestat, william osmon

    Games I wished I got into

    Blacklight Retrib: Seeing through walls as a mechanic put me off this game but it probablt sped up the gameplay. I liked how the game look stylistically.

    BF3: I simply didn't have a console or a PC powerful enough. I see BF4 as the BF game but there was something special about 3. Hardline and BF1 have some disgusting animations.

    BFBC2: I'm just curious as to why it has such a cult following. Watching gameplays alone doesn't make it obvious.

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